God Loves You! Have Faith and Trust God’s Timing


God loves us so much! Mornings are indeed better when we talk to God first. Don’t forget to have morning devotions and remember always that God knows what is best for you! Just trust Him. I was blessed by this post and would love to share it with everyone.

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Proverbs 3:5
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The Godly Chic Diaries

Here’s a bright idea!💡Mornings are so much better when you talk to God first. Talk to Jesus. Tell him your thoughts; author your desires; jot down your dreams and write down your prayers. Let love in. Find an open, kind, grace-filled relationship with the one that feeds your soul, instead of basking your mornings in a world that breeds anxiety. Breathe into a prayer journal with your heart. Go back to your prayers and re-visit them in weeks – and in hindsight, watch how God answers your small prayers.

Story time: I’ll pen you back to the old testament to the BOOK OF DANIEL — when everyone was ordered by the man in charge — The king of Babylon, Nebachadnezzar, to worship another God , to bow down to a gold statue, an idol. Everyone listened because at that time it was (to do, or die) But the 3 hebrew…

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