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Do you remember the last time that you went shopping?

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Some people shop every day, some weekly and some wait until the end of the month and do one big shopping. They prefer to buy everything for the month all at once. Some people shop in families while others shop alone.

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Shopping lines are longer at certain times of the year such as during late December or during the hurricane season when a major storm is near or even in the phase of a pandemic which we saw recently. Having heard of COVID-19 and the dangers that came with it, many people rushed to supermarkets to buy all they could. Many shelves were empty.

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But regardless of how often we shop, who we shop with or how long we have to wait in shopping lines we all have to proceed to checkout.

While proceeding to checkout we would have a fair understanding of the bill because each item has a price tag.

A wise shopper knows how much funds are available and while shopping ensures that the items selected falls within the budget. Otherwise at checkout he or she may encounter some problems.

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At checkout we are told the final price and we are asked to pay in full.

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To pay in full the payment offered has to be sufficient to cover the final price.

You see family, sin came with complications.

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Similar to the items in the grocery store or supermarket sin has a price tag. The price, penalty or payment required for sin is death.

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Stay with me, don’t lose this point. To pay in full we would have to die. Without any plan of payment all hope would be lost! But something happened family. Mercy said no! Jesus died on the cross and paid the price just for you. Our divine credit card was swiped and our eternal mode of payment was activated! I wish someone would praise God right now. Your debt, what you owe was paid in full.

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The saviour of the universe loved you so much that he decided to pay the price for your sins. No greater love you will find.

So family every time you get discouraged, whenever the enemy comes with his temptation, or if at anytime you feel that you are not valuable remember that your bill was paid in full. You are loved unconditionally by the one who holds the world in His hands.

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Go forth today, tomorrow and beyond with hope because we know who holds the future. All we need to do now is to serve Him. Stop worrying and doubting God. He always has your best interest at heart.

Jesus paid it all!

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Romans 6: 23
Galatians 1:4
John 3: 16

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    Wow!! Hallelujah! Praise to God for you Maureen for sharing this important message about the importance of being paid in full by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We don’t have to wait in line to receive our payments. When Jesus is in the equation, all of our payments are automatically activated and paid in full. Bless you! \O/ 😀

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