Hi family,

As christians everyday we make decisions. On this christian pathway we may be tempted to go left when we really should be going right. But let’s stop for a minute, before we make our day to day decisions like for example what I should eat, what I should wear, what phone to buy or even how I should discipline my children let us think first if God would be happy with our decision. Is it healthy? Is it modest? Can I use it to minister to God? Did I act out of love when disciplining my children?

You see friends, God loves us with an everlasting love, a love that is unconditional. He wants us to make the right decisions. Decisions that will not destroy our health or well-being but decisions that will bring us closer to Him as we witness to each other in love.

Imagine a place where you can just go and unwind, relax and get re-fuelled for the next day as you make your day-to-day decisions. Imagine a place that calls you to stop from all the hustle and bustle and busy routine to just recharge and a place that encourages you to choose decisions that are in your best interest. A place where as christians we not just “say” but we “do”. We choose the right things that we need and remove the wrong things we don’t.

Imagine a recharge spot. Your place to get re-fuelled.

Well, this place is just around the corner. Your Very Own Recharge Spot is coming soon.

Do you want to take a peek? Click here.

We have to make day-to-day decisions anyway. Why not choose the best ones?

Remember to donate to the cause.

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1 Corinthians 10:31


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