Battery Power Loading…

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Hi family,

Are you charged up?

For many of us using our smart phones have become apart of our daily routine. Some receive a mini heart attack when their battery power runs low and some simply cant go anywhere without having their charger close by. The batteries need power in order to keep running. This allows us to use our favourite apps or simply to make a call that might be urgent.

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Our phones need to be recharged in order to keep running. We also need to be recharged.

Yes, we need to be recharged. On this christian journey we may be tempted to make a detour when things get hard. But let’s stop for a minute, before we make our day to day decisions let us think first if God would be happy with these decisions. God loves us endlessly and He wants us to be recharged. But how? We are recharged when we have a strong prayer life, a close relationship with Christ, spending time in His words and singing His songs of praise.

Having a strong battery power allows us to forgive others, love freely, give without expecting anything in return and help each other to grow. A strong battery power gives us the courage to stand in difficult times and helps us to make the right decisions. Lets be recharged daily so that we can face the tests and trials that are filled in this world. As we spend time in His words, pray more and sing His songs of praise to be recharged let us also remember to share His love with others.

We will be launching “My Recharge Spot” very soon, a place for you, your family and your friends, a place for everyone to come, take a break from the busy routine and recharge.

When we are recharged we are better able to make decisions that are in our best interest, decisions that bring us closer to Christ.

Let us never forget that Christianity is not just a title but a lifestyle. What we eat, how we dress, how we relate to each other and even what we watch on the television should all reflect that we are followers of Christ. If we are serious about our relationship with Christ then we should be recharged; “saying” and “doing” should go hand in hand.

We don’t want you to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper and we want you to be recharged as well. Don’t miss this launch. Subscribe now to stay connected.

If our battery power is at 10% or even 3% we have to be charged soon.

Lets be charged up for Jesus. Let’s get activated.

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1 Corinthians 10:31
2 Peter 3:18


5 thoughts on “Battery Power Loading…

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  2. Yes!. Christianity is a lifestyle and not just a title. I love the idea of the recharge hub that is coming on soon.
    We need to keep our battery charged. It does affect all areas of our lives. This I say from personal experience. We make better choices when we are God-full. 🙂

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