Dialing The Wrong Number

Hi family,

Who do you dial when you are angry, excited or in need of comfort?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Are you dialing the wrong number?

I know there is someone out there who may have shared a secret with a “friend” or it could even be a relative and came to regret it afterwards. And why is that so? Not every number we go dialing is the right number. Some are not genuine, some have to be temporarily disconnected because they turn our secrets or mistakes into gossip. Some were once active and true to us but are “no longer in service”. The people at the end of the line no longer desire our good. Fortunately, you may not have had this experience but there are many people who do. Yes, because they went dialing the wrong number.

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

We serve a God who is always available to listen to us and provide all the help that we need. And yet, even though talking to Him is so simple and free to everyone, many people still don’t go to Him in prayer.

So many of us are dialling the wrong number when things happen.

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