Good Christian Family Movies

Thanks for joining us! In our world today, there are so many distractions. It is easy to lose focus on our relationship with Christ.

Good Christian Movies

What we feed our mind with is very important. It is good to have family devotion, personal prayer time and devoted bible study. But after all that, what are we feeding our minds with? What are our children feeding their minds with? After all we are social beings and we like to have fun.

We are leaving the link for a free source of christian movies.



We are sharing words to encourage, inspire and empower.

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We say Congratulations!

Activators are people who not just “say” but they “do”. These are people who have been working hard for Christ. People who are selfless, humble, respectful and people who go above and beyond. These people stand out because they are not the typical christian.

We live in a world where wrong is often highlighted and those doing right are often not recognized.

But we want to take the time out to encourage those who have been doing right. It is our passion to bring hope and encouragement and to empower everyone along the Christian journey. This is needed in our world today at a time when things may seem dim.

There are some people who are just going through the motion but then there are others who have gone the extra mile.

These persons have been specially chosen for our Standing Ovation Award.


Many people have a busy lifestyle. They are busy bees. There is just always something to do! For others they just have a busy time each year. Well, we understand all this and we would love to help. We are giving away a free gift to all our subscribers! This gift helps you to stay recharged and not be swamped by everything that needs to get done.


Most people are aware that lemons boost our immune system because they have vitamin C. But there is so much more. The benefits of lemons are tremendous and we would love to share some of these benefits with you.

Words of Hope in Song – Week 7

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Hi Family,

Singing uplifts the soul! Singing has tremendous health benefits. Why not sing a song of hope today?

For the week ahead we would like to share more words of encouragement with you in song.

Bible Quiz #4

Its quiz time! Take a break from your busy routine and lets have some fun! Put on your thinking caps

On your marks, get set, go!



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Quiz Deadline

Identify the book, chapter and verse of these scriptures.


My Recharge Spot has now been officially launched!


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Singing uplifts the soul. We covered some of the awesome health benefits of singing in week 1.

This week we want to share some more words of hope in song with you.


No matter what life throws at you there is still hope. We understand that we are all our brother’s and sister’s keeper and so we have created a support system to share words of encouragement with you.

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